Favorite Ben Stiller projects

The Fockers series(Meet the fockers, meet the parents and little fockers)

Night at the museum


Tropic thunder

Along came Polly

There’s something about Mary


The Cable guy

Mystery men

Mega mind

Keeping the Faith

Favorite Ben Stiller Projects ?

Our Waltz

The fan is whirling humid air

My breathe smells of bourbon

Same one my grandma used to drink every Sunday

We hold each other close as we sway, and I filled with anxiety

Times are changing

New circumstances are unfolding

And I rather wrap myself in a blanket and avoid everything

And the fear of the unknown makes him hold me closer

As my mother eyes are filled with unshed tears

And I feel his callous hand in my soft one

We swayed till the staff started to fold up the chairs

We stop moving and I’m clinging to him

He kisses my head

And makes promises that he will always be near

As my dear husband walks towards me

As I ignore the realization

That would be last dance with my father.

Favorite 80s movies

Breakfast Club

Pretty in pink

Some kind of wonderful

Weird Science

Sixteen Candles


St. Elmo’s fire

Steel Magnolias


Summer school

Color Purple

Mystic Pizza

The golden child

Dirty dancing


Short circuit


Last dragon



Tv shows that should be Canceled: CBS shows

I will be different network and tv shows that should be canceled. I already know this might be controversial but I don’t care. I will also have a post about shows from the networks that shouldn’t got canceled.

Blue Bloods: Old people watch this show and honestly I don’t see the appeal.

Bob hearts Abhisbola: A African Lady falling for a weird sock selling colonizer. This probably one of the writers were dream come to life.

NCIS: Do people still watch this show now that all their favorites are gone?

Am I missing something? What other CBS shows need to go ?