Untitled Poem 3

She can talk

But no one hears her

Crying, yelling

And slowly dying

She is panting

Taking deep breaths

Trying to be in control of her world

Of her life

But ain’t no one having that

The world will keep moving

Keep pushing her into a corner

Till one day, the voices fade away

Or till her voice roars above the noise

Cause she is tired of feeling the pain

The deep soul-sucking sadness

The numb feeling that comes in spurts

She will one day feel her POWER

One day, she will hear her own voice and not be scared of it

And the impact


Untitled Poem 2

My body


And heart is a work in progress.

I haven’t mastered control in my life

So sometimes it be strife

But I don’t think about taking my own life.

I’m just going to keep working to be

2.0 version of myself

I love myself

I will continue to kick adversity ass

My Anxiety

My anxiety feels like I’m drowning

Feels like someone took all the oxygen out of the room

And I feel doomed

A dread

Cause I can’t get out of my head

The world is moving around me

While all I hear are my own thoughts

Repeatedly thumping at my head

Which is messing with my heart.

And I feel like it’s not going to stop

Till I’m on the ground in tears and body full of sweat

While people are looking down on me

Telling me not to fret.

And that’s my anxiety

Untitled Poem #1

My sadness moves into the pit of my stomach

So I can fill it with food as a distraction

Feeling my muscles tense under the everyday scrutiny

Now the feeling of self- doubt is running off of me in waves

It’s been days

Feeling this way

So close in

That I don’t have a say

And I don’t wanna find a harmful way to cope

So I don’t try dope

Therefore, I’m just going isolate myself and recite affirmations till it’s sticks in my head.

Inner thoughts 8/27/18

I’ve been doubting myself a lot lately

Am I good enough to write a book? Would people read it?

Am I smart enough for my job?

I have a constant internal battle on the direction that I should take my life.

I’m second-guessing a lot

Which leads to sleepless nights because my brain won’t shut off.

How do you handle self-doubt?

As a person dealing with anxiety, what are your coping mechanisms?


I’m transparent


Where others lack

In this age of likes

I’m invisible

I don’t sip flat tummy tea

I don’t post a picture of me just wearing sneakers

I’m not comedian funny

I’m just situational funny

I share my thoughts and feelings

And not makeup tips and recipes

I respect people hustle tho

Write and make money with stuff you love

But does anyone like honesty

Inner Thoughts 6/4/18

I’m the only tree in the forest standing

Slightly burnt from all the chaos and the confusion

Everyone is wrapped up in their delusions

Faking for gram

While I’m smacking on some graham crackers

Just trying to stack my money

And pay off my tuition bill

So I can some degrees

And be lit

Cause the fire inside me is simmering and waiting to be out

I got to fight my way to stability and a high pay-grade

So when I’m 65 and gray

I can share all my stories to youth

And they be like “no way”.