Untitled Poem 6

I’m standing stationary in the middle of the street.

The cars of life are zooming by but I can’t move.

Because I can’t make a decision

I have a question lingering in my mind

What do I want to do with my life?

School isn’t a option at all

Should I go right or left?

Should I stay in traffic or would it be safe on the sidewalk?

The sidewalk feels like settling

Being on a corner just peddling

While life is just moving at a steady pace

Not trying to face the rat race

Not going to worry about having a work hubby

Don’t have to deal with the anxiety of deadlines

But if the the 9 to 5 ain’t me

Then what is?

Untitled Poem 5

I feel like I’m stuck in the train doors

And that’s my theme of life

People hurling comments at me

Cause of I’m delaying their life

their work

Some even try to push me onto the platform

So they can shine alone

While I’m in the dark and in pain

Now it’s a contest of who can scream louder

Which obviously I won’t win

I never win

So I don’t even know what that looks like it

Is it walking up on the stairs without tons of people pushing past you?

To know defeat, Means you had a win

I’ve only ever tasted complacency or is that grape juice ?

Who really knows?

Untitled Poem 4

I’m in the dark


Will you light my candle?

Like I’m Mimi

But no one can see me

I gained invisibility when I walked away from toxic people

When I gained weight

Buried family

Focused on getting my shit of a life straight

But I gained hunger

Found a new roommate of loneliness

Lost my voice

My will and ambition to write

To have a book full of written words that would touch your soul and enlighten

I stand on a train track stuck

Foot stapled

While the train of life is going 50mph at me

And the conductor will only pull the brake

If I recite an original poem

Untitled Poem 3

She can talk

But no one hears her

Crying, yelling

And slowly dying

She is panting

Taking deep breaths

Trying to be in control of her world

Of her life

But ain’t no one having that

The world will keep moving

Keep pushing her into a corner

Till one day, the voices fade away

Or till her voice roars above the noise

Cause she is tired of feeling the pain

The deep soul-sucking sadness

The numb feeling that comes in spurts

She will one day feel her POWER

One day, she will hear her own voice and not be scared of it

And the impact

Untitled Poem 2

My body


And heart is a work in progress.

I haven’t mastered control in my life

So sometimes it be strife

But I don’t think about taking my own life.

I’m just going to keep working to be

2.0 version of myself

I love myself

I will continue to kick adversity ass