What IF? (Chapter 8)

Izzy POV

We are eating and chatting like old friends. It was so nice and fun. We both agreed that this whole situation is weird. And we are in the process of figuring out what to do.

‘ I think I should raise the baby in New York.

‘oh okay. Why?

‘Well L.A would be full of paparazzi and stupidness.

‘What about Memphis?

‘I don’t know anybody in Memphis. And your family will hate me.

‘They won’t hate you.

‘Justin. I’m basically your mistress, therefore they will hate me.


‘I also think we shouldn’t tell anybody including Jessica.

‘what?! She is my wife and I can’t lie to her.

‘So your going to tell her you got your alt wife pregnant?

‘Umm no.

‘Exactly. And you won’t tell her you cheat either. It wouldn’t make no sense plus why hurt your marriage.

‘True. But I want to be apart of my child life.

‘You will be but not so much. Just till you and Jessica have been married like 10years.

‘why 10 years?

‘Because when you tell her the news then she probably won’t be mad. But if tell her after a year of marriage that you cheated, I guarantee that y’all get a divorce.  And I don’t want you to go through that.

‘Wow. you really care about me.

‘Yea. The feelings that I had in the alt world was real for me.

‘It was real for me too.

Awkward silence

‘Anyway. Get a P. O box and text me the info.


‘Cause I will send you sonogram pictures and anything baby related.

‘Makes sense. Your really smart at this, why is that?

‘I don’t know I’m making this up as I go along.

‘hahaha. okay

‘Well I will see you whenever.


Walks out of the door.

That was the hardest thing I had to do. I hate being logical.

Prison Pen-Pal (Chapter 11)

Derek POV

I’m in the Westmoore Women’s Correctional Facility waiting room. Why? Because I’m visiting my wife Andrea Atwell who is currently serving time for the involuntary manslaughter of the couple that sold our baby Naya. Apparently, with the help of her uncle, she found the Foutley couple in Texas. They refused to give her Naya, and she got into a struggle with Robert Foutley. He shot at her and they struggled with the gun. A couple of shots went off that ended up killing Robert’s wife, Jillian. That led Robert to shoot at Andrea again so she shot him back, two minutes later the police came busting in. Before Jillian died, she frantically called the local sheriff’s office where coincidentally the couple were friends, and told the Sheriff that a black woman is trying to steal their baby. Of course, Andrea was arrested and not given a fair trial. Yes, we are appealing and I will not give up till Andrea is free and in my arms again.

“Aww, my two loves are matching. Y’all are so cute. I wish I could take a picture or be matching with y’all. *Andrea

“Don’t worry, you will have a million times to match with us. *Derek

“I hope so. *Andrea

“I know it’s hard but you have to stay positive. Also, keep your head down and stay out of the mix. I don’t want you to be put in the hole or get extra time. *Derek

“Okay, thanks for your advice. *Andrea

“Do you want to hold her? *Derek

“Of course. *Andrea

I hand her Naya and they both smile at each other. We both need her to come home.


Naya and I are at the Mommy & Me class, and no I’m not the only man here. It’s two other guys that feel in for their women which is good because these women are staring at me, every time we come in. A chatting woman named Paige Soto lights up when she sees us. 

“Hi Derek, come sit next to us.

I ignore her and sit next to Brian and Elizabeth. 

“She is a weirdo. *Brian

“You’re telling me. She always tries to corner me and talk my ear off. She was even posted up next to my car, mind you I’m always late so how does she know what color my car is? *Derek

“You should get your sister on her ass. *Brian

“I will probably do that.

*After Class 

I’m leaving the class and the building with a sleeping Naya in my arms. And of course, Paige and her son are by my car.

“Hi Derek, I was thinking that we should do a play date. 

“No, thanks. Naya is not allowed to have play dates

“Kaseem is harmless.

“It’s not him that I’m worried about. I’m married and definitely not interested in a pushy weird woman like you.

“Why not? I heard your wife is in prison so your’e going to need—-

“I need my wife, that’s all. I actually love her now move before I run you over, I’m not scared to go back to prison. 

She frowns and moves

Paige POV

“So do you want me to babysit next week? 

“Yea, thanks for all the help cuz. 

“You are welcome.

My cousin takes Kareem and leaves my apartment. I open the closet door and stare at all the pictures that I took of him and our daughter. 

He really doesn’t like me but it’s okay because I win him over. I will back away and pounce when the time is right.

 Andrea POV

Prison is the absolute worst but I have managed. I made friends that I don’t have to lick and no one has tried to bully me. I just miss my family, my daughter and Derek. We haven’t had a chance to be a family and I hate that.

“You got mail. *Co Meyers


“You are welcome.

He smiles and walks away.

I think that man has a crush on me.

Curtis Meyers POV

Inmate 652 is gorgeous and it’s a shame she is in here. Probably because she was chasing after a no-good nigga. Majority of the women in prison are here because of a man. Women disregard good men like me and get with men that drag them to hell. 

Anyway, inmate652 has a nice smile. I’ve seen it because she is always happy to get mail. I wonder who is writing to her, next time she gets mail, I will ask. 

25 Ships I Don’t Like (Part 2)

1. Night wing and Batgirl (comics)

2. Sam and Freddie ( Icarly)

3. Dr. Cuddy and House (House, MD)

4. Lydia and Stiles (Teen Wolf)

5. Malia and Stiles (Teen Wolf)

6. Alison and Scott (Teen Wolf)

7. Kira and Scott (Teen Wolf)

8. Garcia and Luke (Criminal Minds)

9. Derek and Savannah (Criminal Minds)

10. Tori and Beck (Victorious)

11. Monse and Cesar (On my Block)

12. Ross and Rachel (Friends)

13. Serena and Dan(Gossip)

14. Todd and Toni (Girlfriends)

15. Joan and William (Girlfriends)

16. Spencer and Caleb(PPL)

17. Ezra and Aria (PPL)

18. Hermoine and Ron(Harry Potter)

19. Joey and Dawson(Dawson ‘s Creek)

20. Brooke and Lucas (One Tree Hill)

21. Peyton and Lucas (One tree Hill)

22. Mouth and Louise (One Tree Hill)

23.Chuck and Blair (Gossip girl)

24. Hakeem and Moesha (Moesha)

25. Luther and Alice (Luther)

25 Ships I Don’t Like (Part 1)

1. Eli and Clare (Degrassi)

2. Ashely and Aiden( South of Nowhere)

3. Emma and Spinner(Degrassi)

4. Ellie and Craig(Degrassi)

5. Buffy and Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

6. Tchalla and Storm (X-men and Black Panther comics)

7. Jean Grey and Cyclops (X-men)

8. 12th Doctor and Clara (Doctor Who)

9. 10th Doctor and Rose (Doctor Who)

10. Amy and Rory Pond (Doctor Who)

11. Sam and Jason ( General Hospital)

12. Alexis and Sonny (General Hospital)

13. Adam and Sharon(Young and the restless)

14. Sam and Sonny ( General Hospital)

15. Dante and Lulu (General Hospital)

16. Luke and Laura (General Hospital)

17. Lois and Clark (Smallville)

18. George and Callie (Grey’s Anatomy)

20. Callie and Penny( Grey’s Anatomy)

21. Owen and Cristina (Grey’s Anatomy)

22. Amelia and Owen (Grey’s Anatomy)

23. Harley Quinn and The Joker

24. Amelia and Link (Grey’s Anatomy)

25. JJ and Will (Criminal Minds)

My Kidnapper(Chapter11)

Sincere POV

The cops interrogated us and we ended up volunteering for a drug test which of course comes out positive for weed. But that shit legal now so they can’t touch me!

“So y’all got my daughter in foster care?

“No. She was placed with her maternal grandma. *Cop

“Okay, cool. Let’s go pick up our Babygirl.

I take Alena hand and we leave the police station. We get into my car and instantly Alena stomach growls. I laugh

“You know what let’s get something to eat and go home. Heaven is probably sleep cause she had fun from hanging out with her granny.

“You sure? *Alena

“Yea plus I need to release some stress. Wanna help me?


I drive to the Wendy’s drive-thru.
I  order our food and I hand the cashier the money.
She gives me the change and our food. Then I drive off.

“Feed me some nuggets baby.

She feeds me nuggets and fries. She also stuffs her face with food.

I finished my burger while pulling into my driveway. We take garbage and drinks with us as when get out of the car.
We go into our house
“Go upstairs and start the shower
I take her food garbage from her then she goes upstairs
I go into the kitchen and put the food wrappings in the garbage can.

I get to bedroom and Alena has started the shower in the bathroom.
I start stripping them I meet her in the shower.

“I’m surprised the water is not the same temperature as hell.

“I decided to be nice since you had a hard day.

“You mean us. I can’t believe our daughter was almost taken away from us. I swear I almost lost my mind. Kiari, you and my mom are the most important women and people in my life. I can’t lose y’all.

“And you won’t have to: Heaven is safe, your parents are healthy and I’m right here naked. You are blessed!

I look at her body up and down

“Hell yea.

I pull her close: lips to lips and I’m caressing that booty.

“Sexy ass, sexy kisses, everything I want in a woman and I finally got it.

She blushes

“I finally got the man that I had a crush on in high school. Life is weird but great.  She says

“But it can be better. I say

“How? She says

“Ever thought of us getting married?

“Yea I have.

“Hmm me too.

I smile at her

“Are you planning on asking me?

“Let’s finish up this shower so I can eat that pussy then cuddle with you.

“Just ignoring my question, you ain’t slick.

“Oh really.

I slide in

“Sincere! Mm

This about to be a long night.

*Next Day

We are in the car and on our way pick up Heaven from Ms Simmons house.

I parked my car in front of the Miss Simmons building.

“Hey Sincere, Miss Shirley isn’t here. The neighborhood gossip Regina tells me.

“Oh she must’ve took Heaven on errand or something.

“Nah. Tammy was walking her dog and seen them with luggage like they was going outta of town.


“Also I think Miss Shirley is on that stuff cause Mac 11 gave her a bag of coke a few days ago.

“That bitch!! She set us up and took our daughter.

“We gotta go the police.

“Fuck them!

“Sin, they can help.

We go to the local precinct and explain the situation. They called the cops in New Jersey and have us sitting in a waiting area. After two hours they call us to a room.

“Okay we manage to track them . A detective says

“Okay, so my baby is on her way home.

“Umm. We have security footage that shows them in Florida and they got on a private plan to Cuba. Therefore the FBI will be taking over this case.

The room starts moving and then next thing I know everything is black.

Alena POV

Sincere passed out then woke up hysterical and violent. The cops call the ambulance and now he is in the psychiatric floor in Bellevue.

“Excuse me which room is Sincere Monroe is in. A man voice states as I sit in a car by his room

Footsteps approach me


I look up and seen familiar blue eyes



Avery my ex boyfriend

“What are you doing here? And why are you looking for my man?

“I’m FBI agent that specializes in missing kids

“Oh. Well Sincere went nuts so he can’t provide information.

“But you can so do you still like iced coffee and bagels ?


He sticks his hand out and I reluctantly take it.
Sincere and I never get peace.

My Topic 20 Favorite TV Queer Characters

1. Ashely and Spencer from South of Nowhere

2. Justin Suarez from Ugly Betty

3. Titus from Unbreakable Kimmy Schdmidt

4. Callie Torres from Grey’s antamony

5. Arizona Robbins from Grey’ antamony

6. Santana Lopez from Glee

7. Blaine Anderson from Glee

8.Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

9. Jack Mcfarlane from Will & Grace

10. Emily Fields from Pretty Little Liars

11. Xena

12. Shane from the L word

13. Bill Potts from Doctor Who

14. Jack Mcphee from Dawson’s Creek

15. Katt Edison from Bold Type

16. Fiona Coyne from Degrassi

17. Zoe Rivas

18. Maxxie from Skins

19. Garnet from Steven’s Universe

20. Anissa Pierce.

My Kidnapper(Chapter 10

Sincere POV

I walk into the shop smiling and everyone looks at me.


“You didn’t have lunch with us. *Elijah

“I’m telling you he busy getting it in with Alena. *Monty

“Nah, I was having lunch with my new friends.

“Nigga, what? We are irreplaceable, fuck those other niggas. *Elijah

“Jealous ass. I was actually at the jewelry store, I was looking at rings. *Sincere

“Oh shit. You ready to be on lock down? Couldn’t be me. *Xavier (customer)

“Yea cause nobody want the nigga with Herpes. *Elijah

“That’s a rumor, I don’t have Herpes.

“Anyway, do y’all think it’s too soon to propose? *Sincere

“If you are doing it for the right reasons. *Monty

“Of course.

My phone starts ringing and it’s Alena

“Hey bae, what’s up?

“Sincere! ACS is trying to take Heaven!

“What? Why?

“Drugs found in her backpack, come quick!

She hangs up

“I gotta go! Make sure you lock up.

I rush out to my car.

I make it to Heaven’s school in 10 minutes. I rush into the school.
“Where the fuck is my daughter?!

“Mr. Monroe, please calm down.

“See that’s the side effects of the drugs. *Ms. Alexander (Heaven’s teacher)


“Sin they found drugs in Heaven backpack and they called child services.

“What?! We don’t do drugs.

“Uh huh sure. You will be investigating and that poor baby will be with better role models.

“Look bitch, you still salty that I wouldn’t let you suck my dick. You probably planted the drugs in her backpack, you wipe your nose too much.

“I have allergies.

“Sure. I wanna see my daughter.

They bring her out and she hugs me.

“Are you okay Babygirl?

“Yes am I in trouble?

“No. Who had your backpack this morning?

“Just mommy and teacher lady.

“My name is Ms. Alexander.

“I don’t like you cause you be drooling on my daddy like my puppy Harlem. Daddy , is she a werewolf like in hotel Transylvania?

Alena laughs and I smile

“Anyway obviously your new little girlfriend put the drugs in her bag. *Ms Alexander

“Negative. I don’t do coke and I definitely wouldn’t put drugs in my daughter my backpack.

The police and social workers walk up to us.

They take Heaven and arrest us. Wtf is going on?

Narrator POV

While Sincere and Alena are confused, Heaven is with the real person that put the drugs in her backpack, her grandmother. No, not Sincere mom. Keisha mom Shirley.

“Nana, I’m so excited to be going to Disney world.

“Yes me too. We will have so much fun.

Little did Heaven know, Disney isn’t the only place there going.

My Kidnapper (Chapter 9)

Alena POV

Sincere didn’t come back so I went to look for him and seen him in in the living room crying while talking to the guys.

“What happen ? Who died?

He starts crying harder

“Keisha got killed. *Elijah

“What?! Omg.

I reach out to Sincere and he cries in my arms.

“Well we should go, but just know we are here for you. Call if you need us. *Monty

“Yea, we can bring snacks and weed. *Elijah

“Nigga. Come on*Monty

They leave

“Sincere let’s go lay down so I can hold you better.


We go back upstairs and get into bed.

“I should call my parents right.

He grabs the phone and frowns

“Everyone tried to call me, to let me know.

He calls his parents and apparently they already knew.
He asks them to come pick up Heaven tomorrow then he hangs up. He lays on my breast and hugs me.

As he dozed off from exhaustion, he says ” I hope you never leave me”

*Next Day

He puts on a brave face and tell Heaven about her mother. She cries in his arms and it’s the most heartbreaking thing I had to witness.

“But I was a good girl, why would God take my mommy away from me?!

“Kiari, sometimes God gets lonely and he needs more angels to keep him company and protect the world.

“So my mommy is like Wonder Woman Angel?

“Uh yes. *Alena

“Okay, I’m going to miss her so much.

“I know, and it’s okay because I will miss her too. She will always be in our hearts and in our minds. *Sincere

“Plus we got pictures. *Heaven

She gets up and takes a photo book in her reach and runs away. I’m guessing she is going to go to her room.

“This is all my fault.

“What? How?

“Cause of me being a cheap and controlling bastard I ran her away. If I did everything she wanted she would be here right now. We would’ve been married.

“It’s not your fault. It’s whoever fault that killed her.

He doesn’t say anything

“Don’t blame yourself.

“Yea whatever, let me grieve in peace.

He walks away and I’m shocked.

Well if that’s what he wants.

Narrator POV

Keisha’s family and friends buried her on a rainy day in March. Sincere sat in the back of the church with tears in eyes as Keisha’s family and friends shared their memories of her. Heaven was seated next to her granny in the front of the Church.

In April, Sincere got his parents to take Heaven to Disney world for spring break. The trip was meant to distract her while Sincere is focused on being a mess.

In May, Damon was  arrested for the murder of Keisha. Alena thought it would finally be closure and Sincere can feel better. But she didn’t get that grieving doesn’t have a expiration date.

Alena POV

Sincere is still grieving and has been distancing himself from me. He needs space so I have been patient. I have been staying at my place and I text him everyday just to make he is alive and eating.
I miss him though but my brother has been distracting me. Jeff is in town and has been dragging me everywhere. He lives in Oregon and it’s all cause of his wife. She is some petite white girl that I have never liked. Her name is Amanda and she is a ex Amish person. She decided to go to college (Columbia) met my brother and now she has him being miserable in Oregon. She is teaching out there because supposedly she couldn’t find a teaching job out here.
Anyway he comes to visit a lot ; to see me, eat all his favorite foods and get his hair cut by Sincere.

“I’m telling you, he light up when he seen me walk in. Then he frowned when he noticed you weren’t with me.

“He is the one that wanted space.

“Well he obviously misses you, so go get your man.

“later, let’s go to Coney Island

“Hell yea. Nathan hot dogs.


I walk into his house and it’s eerily quiet. I hope he ain’t dead.



“Where are you?

“I’m upstairs in the bedroom.

I walk upstairs and into his bedroom. It’s illuminated with candles and he is on the bed in them sexy boxers that I like. The see through ones looking sexy as hell.

“What is all of this?

“I know I’ve been a difficult ass these last couple of months but you been giving me space and being patient with me. So I’m showing you my appreciation plus I miss my woman. Now get naked so you can take a bath.

I undress while he watches me

“You so fucking sexy, just watching you makes my dick hard.

I look down at his big ass dick. I lick my lips and walk towards him.

“Baby, the water is going to get cold.

“So what? I haven’t had that dick in my mouth for months

My mouth meets his dick

“Oh shit. *Sincere

It doesn’t take much work for me to snatch his soul. While he is resting, I unstop the water for the tub and then I hop in the shower.

Hopefully everything gets back to normal.

Unknown POV

He posted a throwback of his little family like Keisha didn’t exist. All Keisha wanted was a better life with Sincere and he refused to provide that. Damon should’ve killed him that night. But it’s okay cause I will get my revenge on Sincere and Damon.

My Kidnapper(Chapter 8)

Sincere POV

I bought a house in New Jersey and it has 10 bedrooms and bathrooms. Apparently it used to be some big shot dude house and he couldn’t pay up so the bank put the house to auction. Because of that I basically got a house that’s like a mansion for a cheap price. My baby decorated the place so good. Kiari got her princess Tianna room and my bedroom is blue and sexy. Of course Alena and I christened my bedroom. I had to thank her for decorating the place and I also told her to keep my key.
I’m serious about her and I’m falling in love with her more and more. So I told her my feelings when she tried to give me the key back.


“Here is your key back babe since I’m done with decorating.*Alena

“Nah, I don’t want it back. I want the woman I love to have the key to my place. *Sincere

“What? You what?*Alena

“Alena, I love you. I want you to have a key because I didn’t just get this house for me and Kiari. I want you to eventually move in with me. Whenever you are ready, no rush. Okay?

“I love you too Sincere.

We kiss.
*Flashback Over

She now has closet and draw space that is filled with her things. She stays with me every other weekend and I love it.

Anyway I’m not the only ones finding love, my niggas: Monty and Elijah has found love with Zaria and Skye. They are all dating so of course now we do couple dates. It’s funny how we all simps for our ladies even though the guys won’t admit. Ive always been a softie when it comes to ladies in my life. Well, except for Keisha. I was mean and horrible to her for some reason. Maybe that was my gut telling me that she ain’t the one.

Anyway it’s my weekend with my girls. We just finished up in the nail salon (I got a manicure and pedicure) and now we are going to stop by Target so Kiari can pick out two toys.

At Target, Kiairi is going crazy trying to pick her two toys while I’m holding Alena hand laughing at my Babygirl.

“She really having a debate with herself on which toys to get. *Sincere

“It’s cute. I’m going to buy her a third toy.*Alena

“Alena. I thought we talked about not spoiling her. *Sincere

“But she is so adorable and smart. *Alena

“Uh huh. You watch her while I get some condoms and some candles.

“Oh you trying to have a fun weekend with me. Huh?

“Yea. We going to take a bath and then I’m going to slide in your

“Aye nasty go get your stuff. *Alena

I laugh and peck her lips

“Be back.

I walk away and end up in the game aisle. While I’m here I might as well get a new nba 2k cause I think my brother or Elijah stole it from me. I have a younger brother that’s in college, his name is Amir. I don’t mention him cause he is a an affair baby and we don’t have a close relationship. We didn’t grow up together.

Anyway onto the next aisles, I get the candles and bath products now I gotta get some condoms.

I’m thinking I should get ribbed and regular condoms. Hmm

“Sexy, if I was your girl you wouldn’t need those.

I look down at some crusty chick

“But your not which is good for me cause I don’t want a baby with a thot like you.

I swear I hate this Target I always get harassed by some thots here. I should’ve went to the one in my neighborhood not the damn Bronx.

“Aye! Chantel, Roberta and Robert is hungry. *Man

“Damn it, I’m coming. Always cockblocking

These bitches is bonkers

The crusty chapped lip thot walks away from me and I can breathe clearly now.

Let me get back to my girls who are apparently on the line already.

I meet them by cashier register 12.

“I see she got more toys

“Yup. Cause I’ve been a good girl Daddy. *Kiari

She says in her cute little voice so of course I melt and pay for all of our stuff. These two is definitely not going to have me be cheap anymore.
We leave the store, I had the bags in my hand while Alena is carrying Kiari.

“You always carrying her big self.

“So what? She likes to lay on my boobs when she is tired just like you.

“True. I’m going to be laying on them later.

“I know.


Kiari is in her room in bed now it’s time for the parents to have their fun.

“I got it all setup bae, let’s go take a bath.

I kind of drag her to the bathroom

“You so clingy and romantic now, I love it!

“I know you do.

I take both of our clothes off and we get in the tub. The plastic candles (for safety) is around us and bath bombs in the tub with us. She sit on my lap and we are enjoying the vibe.

We sit in the tub for an hour then we take a shower( we are basically sitting in dirty water and we don’t like that)
Now it’s time for massages and to lotion  our skin. We are sitting across from each other, just rubbing lotion on each other. Of course I’m rubbing them tities.

“You having fun huh?

“Yup, give me those lips.

“Which ones?

“Those ones on your face.

We kiss then break away.

“Now I want the lower ones

I lay her down and start kissing her

All of sudden someone is banging on the door

“Wtf? Let me go see who that is.

I put some shorts on then adjust myself. I walk downstairs to my front door.

It’s Monty and Elijah

“Niggas, what do y’all want at this time at night?

“Nigga, I knew you was crazy but not that damn crazy. *Elijah

“I’m telling you he ain’t do it. *Monty

“Do what?

“Someone killed Keisha.

“What?! Nah stop the cap

“She is gone man

The world starts spinning and everything fades to black.

MY Kidnapper(Chapter 7)

Sincere POV

It’s date night and I’m waiting in the living room for Alena to be ready.

“I’m ready.
She is wearing a black dress

“Damn. You showing too much cleavage. You got a shawl or something?Go cover my girls up.


“Now Alena.

She pouts and goes back into the room.
Moments later she walks out with her boobs are covered.

“Thank you. I’m not trying to go to jail tonight over some nigga being up on my sexy thick ass girlfriend. You look beautiful and I’m glad to have you on my arm.

She leans up and our lips meet. I pull away first

“Okay enough kissing, I’m trying to be a gentleman tonight baby.

“Okay. If this night turns out good, you can be your usual rough freaky self.

I bite my lip

“Our date will be good, I promise.

“I hope so.

I take her to the Grace Hotel for dinner.

It’s kind of crowded but it’s not bothering me cause I’m all staring at my woman.

“This place is so beautiful.

“Yes but I like beauty in front of me.

She blushes

“You are laying it on thick and I love it!

She takes a sip of her wine.

“It’s true. You have beauty and brains, and I’m lucky to have you in my life. You really saved me and I’m going to repay you by being a great boyfriend and possibly husband to you.

“You see a future with me?

“Yes. I know you think I’m not over Keisha but that relationship has been died a long time. She and I brought the worse out of each other and we tried to take out resentment from one of another out on our daughter. It shouldn’t be like that. I take the things she said and you said into consideration and I’m going to chill out more. I won’t owe you and whatever you want to do like being a working woman than I will support you. I want you to be happy with me Alena.

“Okay. Baby steps though cause I know it’s not going to be a overnight change for you. I will be patient and we both have to communicate and be open-minded. Okay?

“Okay ma. I have decided that I want to move out of your place. I don’t want to crowd you and I wanna do things different.

“Okay, have you looked at places yet?

“Yes in New Jersey and they got good schools out there for Kiari. Whatever place I get you gotta decorate it for me.

“Okay, that would be no problem. I like decorating, omg I can give Kiari room a princess Tiana themed room.

“She would love that.

Our food comes and we dig in.


We are in the elevator of the hotel and I got her ass in my hands. We both tipsy; her off wine and I’m gone off Henny. I’m dying to give her this Henny dick.
We get off the elevator and find our room.

“This so nice, I can’t wait till you fuck me all over this room. *Alena

“Oh yea, strip for me baby.

She takes off her dress and she has sexy lingerie outfit on.

“Damn. Come sit on your throne.

I take off my shirt and lay down. She takes off her bottoms and then gets on the bed.

She hovers over my face

“Are you sure?

“My favorite and only way to suffocate.

I pull her closer and get to work.

She taste good, no bad ph. My baby got a fresh kitty always.
I’m eating and moaning cause I love eating her pussy. Which it’s making her wet and moan. I’m not going to stop till she cums twice than I’m giving her dick.

Two orgasms later, She is laying down trying to catch her breathe and I’m talking off my clothes.

“Take that bra off. I’m trying to have titties in my mouth while I’m stroking you

She takes the bra off as I reach in the night stand for condoms. I stop by the hotel room earlier to stock it up with condoms, snacks and drinks. Plus our clothes cause this date is going to be a lit ass weekend thing.

My dick is hard as hell as I watch her play with her pussy.

“You getting fat ma ready for me?

“Yes daddy.

“That shit is glistening just how I like it

I put the condom on and get into bed with her. I got some making up to do.

Keisha POV

I’m standing in front of my building with my potential new lawyer boo. His name is Max Tate and he works for another law firm. He visited my job and we hit it off.
Kiari is with my mother for the night.

“Thanks for the date, Nobu really had good food.

“You welcome and I hope we can do it again sometime.

“Yes of course.

He kisses my cheek and walks away.

I might leveling up like Ciara. Okurr !

My Kidnapper(Chapter 6)

Sincere POV

Keisha now has primary custody of our daughter and she also has a restraining order against me. I only can see my daughter on the weekends and that has to be supervised. This has situation has made my mother realize that Keisha is awful and evil. Which is good thing but I wish I could see my daughter.
I want to see my daughter whenever I want but right now I gotta do what the court says.

*A month Later
Alena has been acting different, she still cooks and be up on me but the energy is different.

So I’m at her place waiting for her to come home. I got some fake candles and her favorite takeout food plus her favorite wine.

She walks through the front door

“Oh wow.

“You like?

“Hell yea. Let me go get changed.

She goes into her bedroom

20 minutes later she is back

“Damn, you look gorgeous and you smell good as per usual. Umm you ready to eat?


She sits down next to me and I hand her plate of food.
We start eating well she starts eating and I’m trying to eat. She got me distracted by her outfit. Her top can barely hold her nipples in.

“Eat your food and stop staring at me.

I nod and put some food in my mouth.

It doesn’t take us long to finish our food. She takes our empty plates and untensils into the kitchen.

I lit my blunt and put on some old school music. Alena comes back and sits next to me.

“Can I ask you something?

“Sure, what’s on your mind?

“Where do you see yourself in five years?

“Hmm, with a chain of businesses. I also always wanted to have my own rec center. I definitely wanna have more kids.

“Okay, cool. I can see you having that. Do you have your eye on any property?

“Yea a couple of places.

“Well you should make a offer on them and open one of your businesses.

“I don’t know.


“Hmm what that mean?

“You seem scared of change.

“Have you been talking to bitch cause that’s the same thing she says!

“She doesn’t have a restraining order against me and Heaven wanted her doll that you bought her. So yes, Keisha and I had a conversation yesterday. I want y’all to find some middle ground for the sake of your daughter. I also wanted to understand Keisha motives and now I do.

“So what, you on her on her side now?!

I take big gulp of my Henny

“Relax. I’m more on Heaven side, cause don’t you want Heaven to get every opportunity she can.

“Yea. But that bougie school was expensive.

“I understand that but it’s scholarships.

“She can go to bougie high school and college that’s it.

“Okay. Did you really not let Keisha work?

“Yea, my women don’t work. When we get serious and I put a baby in you, you won’t have to work.

She makes a face

” I love my job and I have dreams that ain’t being your next baby momma.

“Lies. You know since we was kids that you wanted to be my BM.

“Nah. I wanted you for love, dick and marriage. You really a hood rat.

I laugh

“You women want good men that take care of them and faithful them you get them just to break their heart. I don’t get it.

“You are clearly still not over Keisha. I want a man to support me, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I don’t need funds, clearly cause I like your cheap ass. I liked you when you broke and cutting hair for 5 bucks because you had goals. Goals and drive is sexy to me. But whatever scared shit you got going on now ain’t sexy. Also you can’t be cheap and wanna fund your woman lifestyle. You would make a Terrible sugar daddy. You need rethink your stance on things before you your daughter and me.

She walks away.

Alena POV

Talking to Keisha was eye opening, cause it turns out Sincere is financially abusive. Meaning he controls the money and Keisha was stuck at home.
Apparently she was finishing up college when Sincere trapped her. He always wore condoms and stated more than once that he wasn’t ready for kids till boom a month before Keisha graduated college, Sincere started shooting up her club. Keisha was young, dumb and in love so she just went with it. The love turned into resentment then led her to trying to kill him. Keisha is a fed up, crazy woman but Sincere ain’t innocent either. Like he gave her an allowance of 200 a month, had her in 2009 car and didn’t let her work. He also refused to marry her until she stop complaining and stop being a gold digger. She ain’t a gold digger if he ain’t got no gold.

Anyway like I told Sincere, he needs to get his act together.

Sincere POV

*Few weeks Later

So the restraining order against me was temporary so I’m on my way to meet up with Keisha and have a sit down.



We sit down and stare at each other.

” Was I that bad you wanted to kill me? I ain’t never hit you.

“You abused me in other ways. You don’t remember, if I sucked your dick you give me a extra $100. You say I’m a gold digger and ho but you started treating me like that. You were the only man I was ever with and I did everything you want. I was your perfect little housewife without being a housewife. I lost friends cause of you.

“Jessica and Nia was some bougie hoes.

“They have careers and you didn’t like me hanging out with them.

“Cause you wanted designer shit and you was doing too much.

” you act like I wanted diamonds, I just wanted a coach bag. Which ain’t like 2k but whatever your money is your money.

“Yea and you wasn’t worth it.

“Is Alena? I bet you she is going to be kicking you out of her place soon. She is smarter than me so she ain’t going tolerate your bullshit.

“Well I have learned my lesson so I won’t treat Alena like that. I realized my childhood is to blame for my actions towards you. Also I’m sorry for my behavior towards you and I want to co-parent without the bullshit and the drama. I don’t trust you and like you ever but we do have a kid together. The toxicity ain’t good for Heaven.

“You are right. Now let’s shake on it

We shake hands

“Let’s order some food and I will pay for it.

“Okay, Miss Independent.

Hopefully, Keisha and I remain at a good place.
Now how am I going to win Alena over.